Housing and Real Estate

We look into affordable housing that provides cost-efficient, eco-friendly and sustainable building materials and technologies that make liveability of humanity better.

Tourism and Hospitality

Future of tourism is about resilience, human spiritual intelligence and lifestyle that fosters innovation, future city characteristics and high culture. Garuda Fund looks into projects that involve design of future hospitality and tourism in both urban and suburban development.

Future Workforce and Education

With a high population of 264 million in Indonesia, education and Future Workforce becomes an important issue. Garuda Fund looks into portfolio of technologies or social enterprises with sound and proven revenue model that empower the future-readiness workforce in next 5 decades.

Agriculture and Technologies

We place high emphasis and focus on future of food supply and production. Agricutlure and its technologies have been a rising important matter that investment shall care. Garuda Fund looks into Ag-Tech, Food Production Tech and other farmlands that are designed for food supply sustainability of high quality.

Strategic investing to champion companies and development plans, building wide spectrum of stakeholders and agendas.Garuda Fund deploys a wide range of investor relations methodologies and champion company pipelines development strategies to tap into important industries and verticals that matter for Indonesia and the rest of the region.