Family Offices and Transformation

Garuda Fund partners with forward thinking family offices that seek industry and conventional investing transformation. The partnership fosters the learning of family businesses and offices over technology innovation for legacy and social impact.

Institutional Investors and Market Empowerment

As part of exit strategy, Garuda Fund connects to institutional investors such as MNCs and local giant corporates in Indonesia to present the portfolios for larger market expansion and potential acquisition.

Philanthropist and Impact

Garuda Fund also works with top-notch philanthropists such as Yidan Prize Foundation(co-founder of Tecent) for introducing founders in Indonesia for valuable social networking and partnership leverage, ensuring the right and accurate public exposure and market learning.

Ecosystem and Development Resources

The Fund works with a spectrum of credible non-profit and multilateral development agencies such as Future City Summit and ASEAN Impact Challenge in the region. The pipelines of resources created ensure supportive exposure and network of partners and advisors for assisting investment.