Portfolio:1001 Teras

Location:Outskirt Jakarta, Indonesia

Vertical:Affordable Housing


1001Teras is an affordable housing property developer basing in Jakarta. The social enterprise model based venture collaborates with Central Bank of Indonesia to provide low-income working class workers quality low-entry housing for liveable environment. The design of the housing is based on urbanisation of sub-rural area nearby industrial zone. This provides quality living standard to the blue-collars with other neighbourhood building.

Verticals / Issues to be Addressed

Affordable Housing with factory workers who do have not enough saving or incomes for quality housing environment.

Solution Provided

In collaboration with Central Bank of Indonesia, 1001Teras provides quality affordable housing at very sufficient pricing in outskirt of Jakarta, nearby the industrial zone.

Impact and Footprint

At the moment of record, 3 phases of afforable housing zones have been built and providing over 80% occupancy of the residence already, with the 70% subsidies from Central Bank of Indonesia.