Garuda Fund

Impact Investing

We invest into portfolios that create substantial impact for good, especially on housing, urban development, lifestyle and education. We care how investment brings living better status.


We also explore new technology that changes economies for good, blockchain technology, financial technology, regulatory technology and so on. We care how blockchain technology and future economy can merge with digital asset for good.

Investor Relations for Good

We work closely with communities through "Emerging Future Cities Network" of Future City Summit. We believe substantial network brings in impact larger than mere financial support. The network and all partners co-create values that help startups achieve the impossibles.

Creditbility and Assessment

With the network built, Garuda Fund works in joint-hands with non-profit non-governmental agencies such as ASEAN Rice Bowl Award and Future City Summit to contribute to the assessment of impact. We believe the health of the industry is shaped by outstanding performance and impact of companies.

Started with a heart and vision to impact, Garuda Fund is built in 2019 to nurture the next better generation of entrepreneurs and founder in Indonesia.

The company is mandated to invest and incubate portfolios that bring better quality of living of humankinds in emerging cities in Indonesia. To grow the impact, the company grows the fund by forming limited partnership with family funds, offices and other angel investors to provide stronger bridge financing to startups that need the resources to build stronger impact.